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Call to Action Sign-On Letter

The Northeast Biomass Thermal Working Group ( urges you to support our letter to northeastern governors and legislators from New England, New York, and Pennsylvania by entering your name, title, affiliation, city and state in the form below.  Although the sign-on period has officially ended, we'll still be inviting your support in sharing this message with regional policy makers.

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Our Progress

We have gathered approximately 400 signatures from across the northeast to send a clear message to our legislators that decreasing our staggering reliance on imported fossil heating fuels is a local and national priority. The northeastern US spends over $16 billion on heating oil alone, of which over $12 billion leaves our economy each year. Locally sourced biomass has the potential to provide an important source of renewable, sustainable thermal energy for the country, particularly in our petroleum-dependent region.

In the letter, we call for supporting state-specific biomass heating initiatives that will create jobs, expand local renewable resource use, and reduce foreign oil dependence.

Next Steps

What are we planning to do with the call-to-action?  By the end of May, the NEBTWG State Captains will draft cover letters for each state, explaining the state's specific goal and NEBTWG's overall aim.  This will help tailor the call-to-action message for each state. Next, in early June, NEBTWG's State Captains will share copies of the letter with Northeastern delegates, congresspeople, governors, and state agencies.  Meetings with these policymakers will follow.  We may come to you for support during this time, either to help contact legislators, attend meetings, or spread the NEBTWG message.

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