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We need your help in developing a community resource library that includes the best slides, factsheets, reports and other information on the use and benefits of biomass for thermal energy.

The compelling story of biomass thermal energy is not being heard in ourstate capitals and in Washington. We hope that this digital library will provide the resources necessary to educate consumers, policymakers, and all other stakeholders.

Want to add a resource to this page? Email with your file or a link to the file. (If the file is larger than 10MB, let us know and we will provide an alternative method for uploading).

Disclaimer: This resource library is provided as an information source for public use. Only submit resources that you have produced or have permission to share.
File Type
Date Added
Wood Pellets: Quality and Safety Assurance For Transportation and Delivery Recommendations 11/21/2012
Maine: Thermal Energy Factsheet Factsheet 11/10/2011
New Hampshire: Thermal Energy Factsheet Factsheet 11/10/2011
Massachusetts: Thermal Energy Factsheet Factsheet 11/10/2011
Connecticut: Thermal Energy Factsheet Factsheet 11/10/2011
Vermont: Thermal Energy Factsheet Factsheet 11/10/2011
Rhode Island: Thermal Energy Factsheet Factsheet 11/10/2011
Pennsylvannia: Thermal Energy Facsheet Factsheet 11/10/2011
New York: Thermal Energy Factsheet Factsheet 11/10/2011
EPA Sources of Data on Wood Stoves and Fireplaces Fact Sheet 3/15/2011
American Housing Survey for the United States: 2007 Report 3/15/2011

Dane County, Wisconsin's Wood Stove Changeout Program and other Region 5 Wood Smoke Initiatives (Melissa Barnhart, U.S. EPA Region 5)

Presentation 3/15/2011
About the Community Wood Energy Program Fact Sheet 3/15/2011
Census Data on Home Heating Fuels in 1990 Fact Sheet 3/15/2011
EIA Annual Energy Outlook 2011 (Richard Newell, EIA Administrator) Presentation 3/15/2011
Wood Stove Changeout and Fireplace Retrofits Program (Larry Brockman, EPA) Presentation 3/15/2011
Guidance for Using Supplemental Environmental Projects to
Implement Wood Stove Changeout Programs
Report 3/15/2011
US Census Numbers of Wood Heating Appliances Factsheet 3/15/2011
Community Roadmap to Renewable Woody Biomass Energy
A Step-by-Step Decision-Making Tool for New Hampshire Communities
Report 3/15/2011
Tranformation of the Austrian High-Efficiency Biomass Heating Market Presentation 2/15/2011
Renewable Heating, Cooling and CHP - The Opportunity for Biomass Thermal Energy Fact Sheet 2/15/2011
Biomass Energy at Work: Case Studies of Community-Scale Systems in the US, Canada & Europe Case Study 2/15/2011
Biomass heating in Upper Austria - Green energy, green jobs Video 2/15/2011
Advocacy and Action in 2011: NEBTWG progress report Presentation 3/23/2012
Report 3/23/2012
Heating the Northeast with Renewable Biomass: A Bold Vision for 2025 Report 2/15/2011

Featured Resources

Vision Summary

Wood Pellets: Quality and Safety Assurance For Transportation and Delivery

The Northeast Biomass Thermal Working Group (NEBTWG) has produced a public technical document that outlines recommendations for bulk delivery of wood pellets for heating.




Vision SummaryHeating the Northeast with Renewable Biomass: A Bold Vision for 2025 >>

A plan to produce 25% of the Northeast's thermal energy with renewable resources by 2025.





Biomass heating in Upper Austria: Green energy, green jobs

This publication, recently released by the O.O. Energiesparverband (Upper Austrian Renewable Energy Agency),  is a comprehensive yet concise how-to guide written with much relevance for the northeastern United States.  It describes how private land owners and business entrepreneurs have, with the support of state policy, gained rapid ground on the state’s policy of meeting 100% of its electrical and space heating demand from renewable sources by 2030. 



25 x '25 Initiative
“’25x'25’ is a rallying cry for renewable energy and a goal for America – to get 25 percent of our energy from renewable resources like wind, solar, and biofuels by the year 2025.”

Biomass Energy Research Association
“BERA is an association of bioenergy researchers, companies, and advocates that promotes education and research on renewable biomass energy and waste-to-energy systems.“

Biomass Energy Resource Center
“BERC seeks to achieve a healthier environment, strengthen local economies, and increase energy security across the United States through the development of sustainable biomass energy systems at the community level.”

Biomass Research & Development Initiative - U.S. Department of Energy
“The Biomass Research and Development Initiative (BRDI) is the multi-agency effort to coordinate and accelerate all Federal biobased products and bioenergy research and development.”

Biomass Thermal Energy Council
"The Biomass Thermal Energy Council is a national nonprofit trade association dedicated to advancing the use of biomass for heat and other thermal energy applications."

Council on Sustainable Biomass Production
“The Council on Sustainable Biomass Production (CSBP) is a multi-stakeholder group developing voluntary biomass to biofuel sustainability principles and standards for the production of feedstocks for second generation refineries (feedstocks for cellulosic refineries).”

Environmental and Energy Study Institute: Sustainable Biomass and Energy Program
“EESI seeks to educate policymakers about the potential economic development, energy security, and environmental benefits of sustainably tapping the country’s abundant biomass resources.”

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
“NREL is working to develop cost effective, environmentally friendly biomass conversion technologies to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil, improve our air quality, and support rural economies.”

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Biomass Program
“The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Biomass Program works with industry, academia, and national laboratory partners on a balanced portfolio of research in biomass feedstocks and conversion technologies.”

Pellet Fuels Institute
“The Pellet Fuels Institute is a non-profit association that serves the pellet industry, which is comprised of pellet mills, pellet appliance manufacturers, and industry suppliers. The Institute active in educating consumers about the convenience and practicality of using wood pellet fuel in both residential and commercial applications.”

Pinchot Institute for Conservation
“The mission of the Pinchot Institute is to advance conservation and sustainable natural resource management by developing innovative, practical, and broadly-supported solutions to conservation challenges and opportunities.”

UN Foundation Bioenergy Initiative
"Our International Bioenergy Initiative (IBI) advances environmentally and economically sustainable strategies for harnessing biomass energy in ways that don't reduce fuel supplies."


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